App Review Contest

In the U.S., November is a month of thanks and we are grateful for you. We are driving hard to deliver a Dec 15th release with exciting updates to the app (bug fixes, enhancements and a new measuring/reporting module). In the spirit of thanks, we are asking for your help to review the app with a little motivation.

  1. Try out Todo Cloud in the month of November for 14+ days.
  2. Give us a review on the Apple or Google store.
  3. Send an email to us with a link to your review by¬†Nov 25th and write this as your email subject line: $100 USD NOVEMBER 2019 GIVEAWAY!”
  4. We will choose a winner and send them $100USD.

And your odds are good. Most people don’t enter these no-brainer games. I bet we only get 5 reviews and if so you have a 20% chance of winning. Not bad for 14 days of productivity gains and 5 minutes of review time. So give it a try.

Are you a long time user? Start with item #2 and you also qualify.