Remembering for Productivity Sake

What’s your name?

Of course, I know it, but I can’t remember right now.

Think brain, think.

These are the thoughts often running through my brain, and my informal polling of others suggests that most struggle with memory at some point and remembering is so, so important to productivity.

So what can we do about remembering to improve our productivity?

We have more than 70 actionable memory improving ideas at the bottom of this email, but first, we have four other items to share:

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Now let us share a few ideas about improving memory, that are key to increased productivity. Indeed, we have 70 ideas.

The science behind how the brain makes and recalls memories is complex, but here are 70 actionable ideas you can implement today to see improvements. We sourced many of them from the work of Dr. Daniel Amen, author of Memory Rescue.

  1. Live like an athlete —Treat food as fuel for energy. Primarily eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid animal proteins. Add a 12-16-hour food fast to your weekly routine. Hydrate mostly with water. Decrease or eliminate alcohol and caffeine. Exercise daily. Movement lubricates your joints. Lift weights into old age. It strengthens bones, joints, muscles and induces positive hormones. Tell yourself sweating is enjoyable because it is. Tap into the psychology of success using positive talk. Will power is an expendable resource. Use it wisely. Minimize decision making when it is low.
  2. Exercise your mind
    Learn something new, always. Play a musical instrument. Sing. Do art. Travel to foreign places. Talk to smart people. Ask hard questions. Study difficult topics and give thoughtful answers to others. Keep notes of ideas. Act on them. Never stop trying to memorize. Play strategy games. Ditch the calculator and do math in your head. Change daily routines to create variety. Take on new challenges that are hard well into old age. If it is a safe activity, eliminate the phrase, “I’m too old to . . . “ Be kind to yourself when you forget. Ask others to be patient. Don’t accept others doing the thinking for you. Be self empathetic and give your brain time to find its way to the memory.
  3. Improve your sleep — Fix emotional problems well in advance of bedtime. Empty your mind by planning tomorrow, or at a minimum make a list of things preoccupying your thoughts. Set a sleep time. Wind down by reading, not by using technology. Reduce your room temperature. Use light-blocking blinds. Don’t take daytime naps. Don’t exercise within 4 hours of sleep. Wear socks and use heating pads to warm your hands and feet before sleep.
  4. Make time for mental health —Write affirmations. Talk positively to yourself. Write three things you are grateful for. Meditate or pray daily. Make a list of people you care for. Write down what you can do for them. Ponder the will for you of your higher power. Consider your healthy subconscious thoughts as inspiration. Act on them. Go to a comedy club to laugh. Write down your worries, fears, and sadness. Work through them. Accept professional help. Get a coach, therapist. Take a walk in nature. Walk barefoot outside. Stop complaining without doing something about it. Surround yourself with positive people. Plan an awe-inspiring experience. Forgive.
  5. Use patterns to create recallable memories —Tell stories in the moment to create a recallable memory. Tie emotions to memories. Take in all your senses during a moment. What did you see, hear, smell, touch, taste, feel? Recognize time, place, people or context with a memory. Use alliteration, rhyming words, or music to create recallable memories. Rhymes help to connect disconnected things into patterns. Get and stay organized with physical and virtual items. Use physical labels. Give everything a place where it belongs. Fight the temptation to randomly set things down. Always put things back in their places. Use outlines and list categories and tags to cluster like things together. Use reminders. Leverage location-based alerts. Take pictures. Record audio notes.

I know that was a long list. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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