Todo Cloud - a refined to-do app that millions of users love.

A To-Do List App That Drives Productivity Success

Daily plan, track and finish your to-do tasks whether they be simple grocery shopping lists, daily habits tied to goals, single work tasks or complex multi-person projects. Todo Cloud is an easy-to-use productivity app that Macworld says, “…oozes with awesomeness.” Use this todo app for the Mac, your PC, your Android or iPhone, and any other device you can think of.

To do list for mac and all other devices

This Task App Remembers So You Don’t Have To

Interruptions, disorganization and forgetfulness challenge all productive people. Use Todo on your Android or iPhone mobile device to track fleeting inspiration, impromptu requests and remembered obligations. Later, at your desk, your todos, tasks, and notes will be there ready to be organized and planned. You’ll blow through your goals and tasks like a champion.  This amazing to-do list is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Web, and Windows devices all for one low cost.

10 Years Of Fine Tuning The Perfect Task Tracker

One of the first productivity apps to launch with Apple’s unveiling of the App Store in 2008, Todo Cloud has stood the test of time and remains one of the best product solutions in a sea of copy cats. Its user base is large and loyal because of the intense product focus on advanced simplicity that represents years of product testing and analysis.

Proven GTD Methodology

Todo Cloud uses the popular Getting Things Done  and the FranklinCovey concepts with Focus To-do Lists, Starred Tasks, Multi-level Priorities, Quick Entry, Context, and Projects with Layered and Prioritized Lists and Sub-Tasks—all recommended GTD approaches. Bottom line: you’ll get more done in less time.

Franklin Covey's Getting Things Done Methodology In An App

iOS todo app

Location Reminders

Geotag your tasks and Todo Cloud will give you a reminder specific to that location so you don’t forget to pick up the milk or dry cleaning. These are the small ways Todo Cloud boosts your efficiency and reduces your stress levels. And Todo follows you wherever you need it – make a task on your phone and then check the to-do app on your Mac later on to enjoy Todo’s seamless synchronization.



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$19.99/yr; $1.99/mo

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Available On All Your Devices

The Todo Cloud To Do List Syncs Seamlessly Across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web.

A todo list for windows, mac, android, iphone and web use