Our Gift: 14 Days of Productivity

Yes that is right. We have organized high-quality content into 14 daily emails addressing some of the biggest work challenges like interruptions, and procrastination with practical ideas to help you plan, do, measure and finish the work that matters most.

We have also summarized some of the greatest productivity thinkers like
David Allen, Timothy A. Pychyl, Simon Sinek, Paul Kurucz, Dr. Atul Gawande, Gretchen Rubin, and Charles Duhigg

In our 14 Days of Productivity, we discuss ways to actually do daily planning and regular productivity self assessments. We discuss the power of accountability that is core to the success of Masterminds which we suggest you join. We talk through implementing sprint timers and we even work through a mindfulness exercise to show you how the regular practice can increase focus.

These emails are loaded with links to references so you can dig deeper and there are no obligations. This is an entirely free gift, 14 Days of Productivity. Except, I guess there are actually two obligations. We want you to:

  1. Use Todo Cloud Premium. Current subscribers have this and trial users get 14 days for free. Try it on your Apple iPad, iPhone, Mac desktop, Google Android, Windows desktop devices or the web.
  2. Commit to reading the daily emails.

If you do, we promise you will see improvements in your work. Or we’ll give your money back. Oh wait, this is a free offering. 🙂 Still, you get the intent.

There are some guaranteed improvements, if you do the work.
Sign up. What do you have to lose? Nothing because it is free. We promise this isn’t a bait and switch and there won’t be any heavy handed persuasion. Just blissful reading and suggestions you can implement immediately.

So give it a try. This 14 Days of Productivity is our gift to you.

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