What are users saying about Todo Cloud?

The Recycle Bin Feature is amazing! You have no idea (or maybe you do 🙂 how valuable this is for me. Thanks so much!!!!!
I really like Todo and wouldn’t know how to manage my 400+ tasks without it… 😉
I love ToDo Cloud. It is my most used app and over the years I have come to rely upon it quite heavily. My favorite features are the gps triggered reminders, the Siri integration and the email parsing component. I love being able to say, “Siri remind me to…”
Keep up the good work. This is the only app that I have consistently paid for over the last 12 years. Keep it simple because that's why I picked this solution in the first place.
Overall, we have really been enjoying Todo. It is very easy to add and edit tasks, change priority level, due dates, etc. It is nice to be able to organize tasks into lists and share with only certain team mates. It is very easy to add comments and attachments.
The excellent structure of ToDo, which allows nested projects, tasks and sub-tasks is superb and I couldn’t find another app to replace it, including ToDoist etc,
I’ve been using the app for years and can honestly say it is the best out there to implement Getting Things Done (GTD) approach.
Excellent app very simple but efficient for my tasks. I just bought my Premium subscription because it's a great app and I highly recommend it.
don't know any better! Versatile / no longer had a problem with synchronization - great! We recommend!