5 Ways to Better Enjoy Your Holiday Season

The Holidays are rapidly approaching and we want to introduce 5 ways you can better enjoy your Holiday Season this year. First though, here are a few Holiday statistics:

  • Children get more stressed than their parents if their parents are over the age of 35.
  • Although women are 23% more likely to be stressed during the holidays, men are 19% more likely to be stressed after the holidays.
  • 69% of people feel stressed by the lack of time, 69% by the lack of money, and 51% by the pressure of giving/receiving gifts.

The last thing we want is these statistics to be the case for you. That’s why we have outlined below 5 ways to ensure you enjoy your Holiday Season and get the most out of it.


Christmas to-do list

1 Socialize with True Friends

According to a Columbia University study, socializing helps reduce holiday stress provided you are among true friends and family members you can more than tolerate being around. The same study also says that one’s sitting position can add stress so instead of crossing your legs, researchers advise sitting with your arms and legs just a little bit apart.

 2 Find Some Time to Spend on Yourself 

The Holidays are an absolutely wonderful time of the year. From Holiday shopping to hot chocolate drinking, there is a lot to love. It can however become exhausting spending so much time with family and friends. Social exhaustion often referred to as introvert hangover can be one of the results of too much social time. Many of us have felt this as we even just think about attending that 2nd Christmas Party. Know that you are not alone in feeling this. Go be social, enjoy the moments with friends and family, but always also make time for yourself.

Make sure this winter you consider spending a little more time on yourself. It can be as simple as listening to your favorite podcast while you get out of the house for a walk or run. Maybe taking one of the last-minute grocery trips alone to clear your head and organize some thoughts while in the car. For me this season it has been learning to code. Taking 20 minutes to a couple of hours each day to disappear and learn something new has been a great escape from the hustle and bustle!

3 Mini Tasks Done Daily

If you use Todo Cloud, you can categorize your gift list by age, relationship, and gender so you can bulk shop and spend less time on those gifts. You will also be able to divide your shopping list into small chores. This will make it possible for you to be done with your shopping way before Christmas Day. Leaving you with more than enough time to relax and party.

Consider wrapping gifts on the day you buy them or immediately after. By doing this you can quickly cross out and see that holiday list get shorter every day! By Christmas Eve, there will be nothing left to do but enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

4 Enjoy the Food

One of the most pleasant ways to destress during the holidays is by eating. It is  THE perfect time to let go a little and munch on small snacks throughout the day. If this idea does not appeal to you, then grab some sugar-free gum, and maybe research some healthy alternatives to your regular holiday favorites. A couple of interesting facts about gum chewing. Psychologist Leta Hollingsworth was actually able to scientifically link gum chewing with cognitive performance in 1939. Her study was confirmed by other research concluding that a busy jaw increases alertness, focus, and productivity. Who would have thought gum could help us increase productivity!

5 Patience and Humor

It is almost impossible to avoid certain people and situations during the holidays. Instead of dreading the encounter, prepare yourself, and make the best of every conversation. You can psyche yourself out way before the encounter by imagining the worst that could happen. The worst (most likely) is not going to happen. Figure out what you might say and how to be respectful with your responses.

We hope these 5 suggestions will help you to enjoy your holiday season just a little extra! We also hope you will consider using Todo Cloud to enhance them!