Your Best Year Yet 2.0 Bundle

Todo Cloud is offering a 3-month premium subscription as a part of a bundle of software, eCourses, and goal setting mindmaps that are being sold for $49.95. Take a look at the mix of products here.

Here is how it works.

For 7 days, from now until Jan 14th at 11:49 pm (GMT-5), 25+ vendors are providing discounted access to their software and content in hopes that you like what you see and sign up for follow-on offers.

We didn’t choose the mix of vendors but we did vet the organizer, Infostack. They are based in Seattle, Washington and every few weeks, they organize themed bundles of software and content. They also give a solid 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the bundle, you can get a refund. For those reasons, we decided to participate. And, if you buy through this link , Todo Cloud gets a small portion of the revenue.

Get the Best Year Yet Productivity Bundle – $49.00

While I can’t vouch for every vendor, a quick skim of their content looks promising and at a minimum, this bundle is a highly time efficient and cost-effective way to get quick exposure to a variety of productivity ideas. Le.t me know what you think