Our Enemy the Snooze Button

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Every superhero has a sworn arch-enemy. Superman had Lex Luther, Batman had the Joker, and the Avengers all had Thanos. Now I may not technically qualify as a superhero, but I definitely have an arch-enemy, we may even share it. The nemesis that I speak of is our enemy the snooze button.
You are likely familiar with the idea that here at Todo Cloud we are all about productivity. So whether it is having no motivation, not knowing where to start, failing to complete tasks, or hitting the snooze button, we are working to help. We want to elevate and raise productivity, increase opportunities, and end each day with a great sense of accomplishment. Today I want to talk about overcoming our enemy the snooze button.
5 Reasons To Stop Hitting 'Snooze' | SELF

Snoozing is a Failure to a Commitment

Think of it this way, when you go to bed at night you set an alarm. Just like anything else on our schedule when we put it there we intend to do it. When that alarm goes off and we hit snooze, we then have started our day not keeping a commitment. I love schedules, I love building them, keeping them, and having them full. If I were to start each day (which unfortunately I sometimes do) not keeping my first appointment what does that say about me? What does that mean for the rest of my day moving forward? Maybe as a result I have to push other appointments back. Maybe I miss breakfast running out the door, and as a result, become hangry. Possibly even I start my day on a bad note, and flat off-key notes are all that follow me throughout the rest of it.
We are creatures of habit. Stay in the habit of or get into the habit of waking up the first time that alarm goes off. Keep that first commitment, get the day moving. I like to start a financial podcast on my little speaker the second my alarm goes off. It wakes up my mind, helps me start moving, and gets me out of that incredible Minky Couture blanket.

Give Emphasis to Planning

One-third of us do not get enough sleep. That costs Americans $411 billion in lost productivity. Whether it’s 6, 7, 8, or 10 hours of sleep each day. Whatever you need, you need to plan for. Our phones today have great tools to help remind us of when it’s time to wind down. Set a schedule, stick to it, get to bed around the same time each night. Waking up when that alarm goes off becomes a whole lot easier if you do.

Finish Your REM Cycles

You go through all kinds of different stages while you sleep. The important one to get to is your REM cycles. The more of these you get through, the better rested you feel. They need to be continuous though, waking up in the middle of the night prevents optimal recovery. So think about not drinking too much before bed. Make sure your phone is silenced and there are as few distractions as possible. New technology like Whoop and Oura allows you to track your sleep and those different cycles. Consider doing a sleep study or trying out a similar product if you feel like you are never getting enough rest/recovery.

Start With Determination

Jump into your day with excitement and enthusiasm. I have friends that when they wake up entirely throw off the covers. I know this seems a bit extra but for them, it helps to get things started. Start with a morning workout and a healthy breakfast. Take time to review your calendar so you feel prepared for the day. Begin each day by keeping your first commitment of waking up and keep winning the day from there. Some days this will be easier said than done, but keep your habits, and keep winning.
We hope this article will help you to slay that dragon, our enemy, the snooze button! Though more importantly, we hope that Todo Cloud is helping to increase your productivity each day and improving your quality of life!

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