ToDo 10 Replaces ToDo 8

We are excited to announce a new update to ToDo on iOS!

To focus on launching new features and providing excellent data sync to our users, we stopped updating ToDo 8 over two years ago. This also included dropping support for Local WiFi syncing along with other sync services like Dropbox, Toodledo and iCloud. ToDo 10 has now replaced ToDo 8 on the app store. This update provides you with the latest interface, sync, and Siri updates that we’ve rolled out in the last while. Also, existing users of ToDo 8 additionally get ONE YEAR of premium for free as a thank you. This update will sync and protect your data to our secure servers and then you’ll need to create a login, which will allow you to access your account from any device.

This is a very important update for ToDo because it allows us to continue to offer new features, and support to all of our ToDo users. ToDo 10 has been built from the ground up and has been intentionally designed to give us much more flexibility so that we can give ToDo 10 users the new features that they have been requesting.

Just a few of the new features you’ll now be able to enjoy are:

  • Smartlists are customizable search filters. Read more here.
  • Siri Shortcuts provide voice-activated task actions and programmable steps.  Read more here.
  • Free sync across all your devices.
  • Multiple reminders, alerts, and notifications for tasks.
  • Task sharing with family, friends, and work teams.

Appigo is dedicated to improving ToDo and giving you the best experience possible. Thank you all for being such loyal customers and users of our app. You will continue to see improvements and new features on ToDo. If you come across a problem with any of the new updates or want to provide us with feedback please email

Enjoy your free year of premium!

Need help troubleshooting from version 8 to version 10?

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