New Year Resolutions – Keep a Journal

In 1998, the Journal of Instructional Psychology published a study about journal writing and how it is able to improve students’ performance in class and lower testing anxieties and psychological reactions.  This is one of the reasons why keeping a journal has become one of the top New Year Resolutions of the 20th century.
Keep a journal
Journals help you:

  • Track your growth and development in all aspects of your life
  • See how you have changed over time by learning from past mistakes
  • Improve mental clarity and solve the unsolvable
  • Create your history in writing
  • Keep you connected to your values

Writing is powerful. When you express your thoughts in writing it naturally enables you to think deeply about topics that are important to you. By getting thoughts out of your head and into your journal you are able to work through some of your personal issues. Even complex issues are made clear when you able to express them in a journal. Sometimes it’s the only way to uncover an underlying problem.
Creating new habits can be hard. Todo will send alerts to remind you to jot down on your journal regularly and even do it in such a way that is not intrusive and done at the wrong time. You can automate the alerts so it comes in at a time you normally set aside for journal writing. And with the app, you can write quick notes to remind you what should go into your journal so you don’t scramble for things to write. Get the Todo app now and start recording the 2016 chapter of your life through journal writing!

get Todo Cloud from the App Store
Get Todo Cloud from the App Store

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